Sixty fivek kilometers south of Salvador, Morro de São Paulo is located on the Ilha de Tinharé. This island is beside to Ilha de Boipeba and others smaller islands, and they all make part of Município de Cairú, that is the only town made up for islands in Brazil. Tropical paradise, blessed with a fantastic nature, enable people to contact with too many specimens of plants and animals, like to whales, monkeys, crabs, guaiamus, birds, besides others specimens of fishes and corals.
Due to wonderful nature and magical atmosphere, Morro de São Paulo became one of the best international tourist attractions, enchanting people from all over the world with their beaches, sails and others great options to entertainment.


There are three forms of access to Morro de São Paulo for those who arrive by air to Salvador:
– Air taxi: Directly from the international airport of Salvador to Morro, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

– Transfer by catamaran: The starting place is the ferry terminal in front of Market Model of Salvador da Bahia, and the transfer lasting 2:30 hours.

– Semi-terrestrial transfer by sea and by land: Departing from the sea terminal in Mar Grande town, lasting between 3:30 and 4:00 hours.

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The First Beach is the closest to the village, in wich were built the fist summer houses. This is the most frequented beach by the inhabitants. Here there are some restaurants where Bahia typical food is served, besides that is in the First Beach the biggest zip line of Brazil.


Maybe the most famous beach of Morro de São Paulo, everybody who visit the island enjoy at least one night on the second beach. Especially famous between youngsters, the parties here finish only after daybreak. Besides the parties, it is on the Second Beach where the highest number of bars and restaurants, and where you find sports like beach volleyball, footvolley, soccer, kickabout, matkop and sup . It is a certainty that the Second Beach is the coolest beach, where everybody goes to see and be seen.


After pass by Ilha da Saudade, you are already on the Third Beach. There is a big variety of hotels, inns ans restaurants here. Besides that, is in Third Beach that you find the famous Ilha do Caitá, na small island surrounded by corals and with only one coconut tree in the middle. For this reason, it is one of the best points to dive, where you can see fishes ans corals with all colours that you can imagine. Here you can rent all the necessary equipament or make a diving course.


At first sight, the Fourth Beach appears to have no end. On the beach there are many natural pools among coral reef, that allows you feel part of the nature with only a diving mask.
Perfect place to relax, read or take a nap under a tree. That if you don’t continue, walking as far as you can see.


The Fifth Beach, or also called Praia do Encanto, is located eight kilometers from the village. This is the most preserved beach of Morro de São Paulo, with two kilometers of fine and white sands, and crystal clear and lukewarm waters, where you find mangrove swamp and Atlantic Rainforest. One large coral reef forms many natural pools, and here you can snorkeling and observe marine life. It’s a really paradise.


Walking 35 minutes from the Praia Ponta da Pedra you will get to the village of Gamboa, or by boat leaving the sea terminal of Morro de São Paulo.
The Gamboa do Morro de São Paulo is a small fishing village,still with a few tourists. This village has a great structure. There are many beachfront restaurants, where Bahia typical food is served, usually cooked by fisherman families.